Web development

Frontend and backend development for CMS-driven websites and individual programming

Let’s not beat around the bush: WordPress is our favourite. We have been developing themes for the world’s most widely used CMS for more than fifteen years. But our web developers are also happy with the individual programming of complex API interfaces, web-based tools and apps.

Tailor-made: Our individual WordPress themes

We develop templates for use in WordPress systems strictly according to the specifications of the UX/UI designers – and do so individually and efficiently. We don’t believe in bought premium themes: Our web developers write every line of code and every CSS style definition themselves and thus have the clear advantage that they always know exactly where what is, how it works and which steps are necessary to exchange individual elements in a modular way. In addition, this keeps the source code lean and thus also the loading time.

KA Basic: Our website construction kit

In order to be able to realise customer projects with low budgets quickly and cost-effectively, we have developed KA Basic. In this way, we would like to offer the possibility of realising a fully-fledged WordPress homepage including the current technical requirements, but without having to develop and set up a completely individual concept and system in each case. Of course, individual editors can be set up who can make changes to the content or, for example, create news articles.

API connections and use of interfaces to existing systems

With the help of APIs (application programming interfaces), existing systems can be connected to websites, apps or web-based tools by exchanging data. For more information, see Databases and APIs.

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The performance of a website is a decisive criterion with regard to the user experience, which determines whether the website visitor completes defined target actions.

KA Basic

With “KA Basic”, fully-fledged WordPress homepages can be implemented with low budgets.

Climate Neutral Hosting

Our hosting partner domainfactory relies on climate-neutral hosting.You can find out exactly what that means here. A study conducted by the climate …


WordPress – Das weltweit beliebteste Content-Management-System WordPress ist ein Content-Management-System (kurz: CMS), das zur Erstellung und …


Screendesign mit Adobe XD (Raster-Darstellung)

UX/UI Design

Websites have to do more than just look good - they have to work. And this both in terms of navigation and target plans.

Web development

Frontend and backend development for CMS-driven websites and custom programming.

E-Commerce: Start mit einem eigenen Onlineshop


As a Shopify agency, we help you create, operate and market your own online shop.

Arbeiten mit APIs: Schnittstellen- und Datenbank-Programmierung um Systeme zu verbinden

Databases and APIs

Databases and especially interfaces (application programming interfaces or APIs for short) have become indispensable in application development. ...

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We offer full support in website optimisation for search engines. In addition to customised solutions and measures for the creation of suitable ...

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Placing advertisements in the search engine - that is search engine advertising, or SEA for short. As the largest search engine in the world, Google ...

Social Media

Today, a professional presence on social media platforms is essential for (new) customer acquisition and promotion of your services and products. ...

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