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Every year from May to July, the literature and music festival “Wege durch das Land” travels through East Westphalia-Lippe with up to 30 events. The festival is considered a cultural beacon of the region and is unique in Germany in its concept – the combination of literature, music and place.

Renowned authors, promising actors and actresses as well as musicians who have gained an outstanding international reputation perform at extraordinary venues such as castles, deels, museums, industrial halls and in the open air. Every year, about 8,000 people interested in culture visit the events organised by the organising Wege durch das Land gGmbH. This was founded by the Literaturbüro Ostwestfalen-Lippe in Detmold e.V. and the districts of Gütersloh, Höxter, Lippe, Minden-Lübbecke, Paderborn, Herford, the city of Bielefeld and the regional association of Lippe.

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The festival celebrates the most beautiful connections between literature and music and has a different motto each year. When we entered the project, it was “Declaration of love for the mistake” – we immediately wait enthusiastically! Our challenge was to develop a new look and to integrate a ticketing system into the website, which we had to completely rethink and technically redesign. Almost incidentally, the programme booklet was created, which is distributed once a year and with which the run on tickets begins …

Our services: Concept, corporate design, film production, animation, web design, web development.

Satellite web technology

The WordPress-based website implementation basically consists of two core components: on the one hand, the central event module for displaying the annually changing festival program and the seamlessly docked external services Eventbrite and Mailchimp.

Traffic to the point

At the start of presales, the run on tickets is great. Through clever caching strategies and the selective use of CDN technology (Content Delivery Network), our development masters the big rush every year anew.

Strong together: Eventbrite and Mailchimp

In order to avoid duplicates, we do not use the automatic synchronization options of both platforms, but regulate the data transfer using a custom-developed tool that connects both services at the API level.

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