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Your product is not explained in one sentence?

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With the term “High Involvement Marketing” we associate a view of markets and communication channels that is very different from classical marketing.

We are not only dealing with products and services that need to be explained – we are also dealing with target groups that usually actively inform themselves and place a high degree of content-related engagement with the product before the purchase decision. With significant effects on the choice of media and the acceptance of content.

Our clients operate in industry environments with high demands on building a trusting and long-term partnership with their customers. Whether patients and relatives (in the field of health and care) or technical buyers (in the field of technology B2B) – these customer groups have one thing in common: only a communication strategy that consistently and credibly focuses on customer benefits can establish a mutually fruitful business relationship.

This form of communication can differ greatly from classic consumer goods marketing, where it is often the task of marketing to create a unique position for an essentially interchangeable product with an emotional superstructure.

In high involvement communication, on the other hand, the product benefits conveyed on a cognitive level are on an equal footing with the emotional charge.

Die Grenzen des klassischen Marketings

The more target groups actively inform themselves before making a purchase decision, the more they also decide on the media used, on the exact questions (and thus on the message) and ultimately on the acceptance and credibility of the source.

The consideration of this communication must therefore take place in exactly the opposite direction than we were used to from classic marketing (outbound): We had the target group in mind, chose the message and media and then tried to achieve a maximum number of contacts (CPM) with a minimum budget.

Customer enabling: The right information at the right time

High Involvement Marketing takes a different approach: we analyse which media paths customers use to seek answers to their respective questions.

Subsequently, with suitable product information and further content, an offer is created exactly where the customers are searching.

Patientenempowerment im Gesundheitsmarketing

Credible communication in health and care is a very special challenge. If you want to communicate successfully in the healthcare sector, you have to break new ground.

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B2B: Marketing für den technischen Mittelstand

Anyone who is successful with products and services that require explanation is familiar with the communication hurdles that technical sectors bring with them. The products are usually found in the middle part of a long value chain.

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