Our know-how for your goals.

“Positioning, brand management and sales promotion” – that sounds kind of like a marketing agency, but it doesn’t even begin to represent our range of services. We offer our customers a whole lot more!

Our services can be divided into four areas: Strategy, Creation, Experience and Support. What they all have in common is that you, your goals and your project are always the focus. Let us inspire you!


"Create Plan Scale"-Methodik zu strategischem Marketing


Kaeding Anderson develops clear and differentiating visual solutions and transfers them into a system that communicates and interacts across media.


We want to understand. Together we look at everything that is relevant on the way to your goals: Your company with the respective philosophy, the …

Sketch während der Konzeptionsphase


From analysis to implementation in communication and design. Campaign strategy, communication strategy, brand strategy: we create and define the …


Reaching the goal faster together. With good planning and professional implementation, workshops can work wonders: the home straight is reached in …


Corporate Design

Why we think big and realise brand presences with attention to detail When a client says, “I need a new logo,” the question behind it is usually, …


With creativity and a flair for the perfect moment “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That really says it all: images are the ideal vehicles …

Film production

Storytelling: emotional, moving, to the point. There is a story for every product, building, company or team, every process, procedure, event and every person.

Individuelle Character-Animation


Compositing, Motion Graphic, 3D Artwork To ensure that nothing disturbs or detracts from the message when watching a film, a lot of work goes into …


Content is king! Professional texts are crucial on the way to your goals.


Screendesign mit Adobe XD (Raster-Darstellung)

UX/UI Design

Websites have to do more than just look good – they have to work. And this both in terms of navigation and target plans.

E-Commerce: Start mit einem eigenen Onlineshop


E-commerce completely from one source The fast start for your online shop Online trade is growing in Germany, and more and more companies are …

Arbeiten mit APIs: Schnittstellen- und Datenbank-Programmierung um Systeme zu verbinden

Databases and APIs

Databases and especially interfaces (application programming interfaces or APIs for short) have become indispensable in application development. …

Social Media

Today, a professional presence on social media platforms is essential for (new) customer acquisition and promotion of your services and products. …


Reinzeichnung: Die digitale und reproduzierbare Dokumentenvorlage


Support You can rely on us – so that you can rely on us. Strategy and creation are the more visible sides of Kaeding Anderson. But without clear …

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