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for small (but fine!) projects

With our tool “KA Basic”, we would like to offer the possibility of creating a fully-fledged WordPress homepage incl. The aim of the project is to realise the entire range of technical requirements without having to develop and set up a completely individual concept and system in each case. Of course, individual editors can be set up, who can thus make changes to the content or create news articles.

Customisable layout

Our “KA WordPress Basic Package” corresponds to a design template that we adapt to your company in terms of colour and furnish with your logo. Further design options exist with the upload of your own large photos or graphics as well as the creation of up to ten pages that can be filled with individual content (description of further features – see list below).

Automatic security updates

Future security updates of the WordPress content management system used here are also guaranteed and will be carried out by us. This system is a “multi-site system”. This means that all customer websites use the same basic template. This makes it very easy for us to provide the entire system with updates (update costs are included in the corresponding web hosting package).

If the functions described here are not sufficient for your project, please contact us – we will be happy to make you an individual offer for the development of a homepage!

Features and project procedure

  • Basic setup of the content management system WordPress incl. new editor “Gutenberg
  • Integration of a ready-made theme (“KA BASIC”):
    The theme “KA BASIC” is a “basic” theme for WordPress developed by us. Included functionalities: Teaser, Accordions, Image Galleries, Slider, Contact Partner Module.
  • Embeddings from third-party providers such as e.g. YouTube videos, social media posts, e-papers, etc. are not possible (however, these can of course be included as external links).
  • Responsive web design: The basic design can be displayed adapted to different devices (desktop PCs, tablets, smartphones), optimisation of important graphic elements for displays with higher pixel density (“Retina”).
  • Basic customisation of the theme: exchange logo, customisation of colours (further customisation not included, see note)
  • Installation and configuration of additional modules
  • Create the menu structure and insert up to 10 content pages
  • Setting up the rights system for the editor accesses
  • Optional: Short training for editors
  • Tests and upload
  • Project management
  • Handling of domains – moving and forwarding, setting up e-mail forwarding
  • Online tests of the new pages / “Bugfixing
  • Integration of Favicon and Apple Touch Icon
  • Setup in the Google Search Console
  • PageSpeed optimisation
  • Regular system and plugin updates are included (quarterly, WordPress version 5.x)

Responsive web design: optimised display on all devices

The “KA BASIC Theme” naturally includes the full functionality in the area of “Responsive Web Design”. This means that this homepage is automatically adapted in its display on all devices.

Just try it out – call up this homepage with your smartphone or test the smartphone display by simply dragging the browser window narrower on your computer. From a certain value in the width, the homepage is then displayed in the smartphone view (e.g. the menu is changed into a so-called “burger menu”, a clickable telephone receiver symbol appears automatically in the top bar, as well as other automatic adjustments).

KA Basic

With "KA Basic", fully-fledged WordPress homepages can be implemented with low budgets.

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