Kaeding Anderson: nachhaltige WerbeagenturKaeding Anderson: nachhaltige Werbeagentur

Sustainability?! We do. For a long time.

With fun, curiosity and learning effect. Highly recommended!

We are convinced that every company today has a responsibility to counter climate change and the loss of biodiversity through concrete action. We also use numerous adjusting screws and a wide variety of measures to initiate and continue small and large changes. “The sustainable agency” – for us, this is both a goal and a motivation!

We have been actively addressing this issue for many years and are consistently pursuing our path. The principle of sustainability shapes our values and our actions. We are committed to active environmental protection and the continuous optimization of our actions. We promote environmental awareness among our employees and motivate them to actively participate.

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Always open for new impulses

The whole team lives and carries this spirit. Living and implementing sustainability is not only fun; it shapes, is contagious, transformative and simply feels good. It’s easier than you think. And the best part: it works!

As entrepreneurs, we also have a responsibility to act sustainably and to set up our processes, structures and services in a sustainable manner. This is even fun and offers a high learning factor for the entire team.

We are constantly developing in this field and can thus grow holistically as an organization – with our values, our awareness, our responsibility, our demands, our performance.

The weekly team breakfast (vegetarian/bio)

We are climate neutral!

We have recorded our greenhouse gas emissions, are continuously reducing them, and have offset unavoidable emissions through climate protection projects.

We participate in the Ökoprofit certification, completion/certificate in September 2021.

We support Plant for the Planetand regularly fund the planting of trees.

We have been a member and supporter of KlimaPakt Lippe since April 2021.

With Ecosia as our default search engine on the web, we support tree planting every day – not Google.

We support the UN’s 17 sustainability goals with many different measures (see KA Sustainability Code).

Climate protection: We are constantly reducing our CO2 emissions; unavoidable emissions are 100% compensated.

Our KA Sustainability Code

We pay attention to the origin of purchased products and services and prefer sustainable products of local origin. We are committed to complying with the following sustainability guidelines, which affect all of our corporate activities as well as our daily work processes:

  • 100% green electricity in the agency
  • climate-friendly district heating
  • LED lighting only
  • Freight bike for business trips within Lemgo
  • Use of JobRad / e-bikes
  • CO2 compensation for business trips
  • Own green electricity charging station for e-cars at the company site
  • Conversion to e-cars
  • Careful use of water and energy
  • climate neutral web hosting for all customer projects
  • Climate-neutral production of print products (SDG 12) as standard
  • sustainable office supplies: main supplier “memo – sustainable shopping”.
  • 100% recycled paper “ReThinking Paper” for copies and correspondence
  • weekly team breakfast vegetarian/bio (no meat)
  • Mineral water Viva con Agua (support for drinking water projects)
  • Lemonaid (support for social projects)
  • Fair trade organic coffee (for customers and employees)
  • Web search engine Ecosia instead of Google (tree planting projects)
  • Pflanzen für den Planeten
  • Fridays for Future / Parents for Future
  • Project “Plastic Stop! at sagner-heinze”
  • KlimaPakt Lippe
  • Participation ÖKOPROFIT 2020/2021
  • 100% climate neutral (certified by ClimatePartner)

We offer all employees the opportunity to work regularly in a home office and thus avoid unnecessary travel.

Business trips are made only when face-to-face meetings are requested or required. Online meetings remain the preferred alternative.

For business travel, we always choose the most ecological means of transport and avoid air travel whenever possible. For each flight, a C02 offset of the emissions caused is made.

We review our environmental targets once a year and adjust the targets and measures for the following year. We encourage other companies to also act according to the principle of sustainability.

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