A freight forwarding company that works completely online? Challenge accepted.

It took us a while to understand what it was all about, how it should look and, above all, how it should work: TIEBY is an online platform where companies can calculate the transport costs for their goods and merchandise in order to find the best offer quickly and easily – worldwide, in real time and with transport options by ship, plane, rail and truck, incl. the transport costs. 360° tracking and CO2 compensation.

So we started with the concept, corporate design, UX/UI design and programming and technical implementation.

From the interface to the finished application in cool design

The biggest challenge was to realise existing and new functions with the help of a given interface. The focus of the development was always on the goal and benefit of the application: Simple pricing for every transport. For this purpose, a number of factors had to be taken into account that affect the final price – of course for each route, each means of transport and all conceivable transport goods. This is only possible reliably through continuous comparison with the basic database.

The online calculator in focus

In dialogue for pricing.

Standard tools, new functions and lots of know-how

The development and realisation of new functions was also part of the task. For example, an account area was created where each user can view and manage their transports and personal data. The integration of multiple payment providers and options was one of the essential requirements, as were security, speed and the optimal performance of the application in the minimalist design.

“Danke für die tolle Zusammenarbeit und eure Hartnäckigkeit, ohne die wir TIEBY nicht an den Start bekommen hätten!”

Jens Grotebrune, Managing Director

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