With creativity and a flair for the perfect moment

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” That really says it all: images are the ideal vehicles for messages and stories about companies and people, services and products, values and emotions. But for pictures to achieve the desired effect and motifs to be properly staged, it takes far more than a camera and your finger on the shutter release …

Technique, Tools & Empathy

Depending on which messages are to be placed and which stories are to be told, a wide variety of techniques, tools and tricks are used: illumination, exposure time, depth of field, props or the use of certain effects are just a few examples of how we can shape the image design.

But technology and know-how are not everything: when taking team or individual photos, for example, the protagonists are especially important to us: we want everyone involved to feel comfortable – the “chemistry” must be right. Only then will authentic, radiant images be created for the desired visual representation of your company.

By the way: We also create individual usage agreements for you so that you can quickly and easily obtain the consent of your employees to use the new photos on your homepage and in print products.

Photoshop: The Best Comes at the End

Professional post-processing, separation and image editing are all part of our standard photo production service. For people and product photography, portraits and staging, we can realise almost any wish.

In-house photo studio

We can create portraits, stills, repros and product shots at any time in our own photo studio. This means we are fast and independent in production and can react promptly to product changes, for example.

For more extensive and special photo shoots (people, milieu, architecture etc.) we work together with various photographers and photo studios.

360° recordings: A digital twin as a virtual tour

With the help of state-of-the-art technology from our partner Matterport, we realise impressive virtual tours. Once the premises have been digitised, additional assets such as images, video clips or links to more information can be integrated there afterwards. The tour can even be added as a supplement to a Google My Business entry.

Would you like an example? We have directly tried out what the whole thing can look like with our agency rooms:

Questions about photography? We help!

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