Create Plan Scale

Proven steps to strategic clarity

Create.Plan.Scale is what we call our strategic overall package – developed over many years of concrete project work.

Again and again, our experience flowed into the individual methodological building blocks: they were modeled, adapted or even newly developed. Over time, we have developed a reliable blueprint for our campaign management. This helps us and you to achieve strategic clarity, identify suitable formats and channels and, as a result, combine a reliable editorial plan with processes for efficient implementation.

Create.Plan.Scale consists of five modules that build on each other:

1. Identity (Workshop)

  • Positioning, strategic questions
  • Products/services (Unique selling propositions/USPs, Reason Why, Attribution)
  • Target groups
  • Expectations, areas of tension

2. Formats and channels

  • Suitable media formats, initial content ideas
  • initial content ideas
  • target-oriented channels and media
  • Consolidation and prioritization
  • first visualizations, mockups

3. Editorial plan

  • Concept
  • Customer journey or sales funnel, media paths
  • Timing grid, schedule
  • Processes of implementation, tracking tools

4. Content Creation

  • Design framework
  • Content creation (text, image, video)
  • Implementation, launch, postings

5. Reporting (Jour Fixe)

  • Result report, classification
  • Adjustments
  • Further development of formats, paths
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