07. May 2021

Workshop: Sustainability Check

Exciting hybrid workshop afternoon on the topic of “Sustainable Development Goals / SDGs”:
All participants, freshly tested on Corona, went to work and the almost 10 participants, together with the two consultants Verena Zimara and Jan-Hendrik Kunz (BAUM Group), gradually tackled all 17 sustainability goals.

Conclusion: We learned a lot and took away a lot of new ideas for the further support of the SDGs! The workshop afternoon created a basis for how we can contribute to achieving the SDGs with the agency.

Information on the workshop “CheckN – the sustainability compass for companies”.

Info: CheckN website

The topic of sustainable management has currently arrived in many companies. Numerous standards have been set (DNK, GWÖ, GRI, ISO26000…). However, these standards are difficult to access and require a great deal of human, financial and time resources in the companies. Therefore, the topic of sustainability management is not yet widespread, especially in SMEs where sustainability reports are not mandatory. This is where CheckN – The SDGs as a sustainability compass in business aims to build the bridge: from the first environmental efforts (e.g. ECOPROFIT, ISO 14001, energy audit) to the recognised sustainability standard.

CheckN is a simple sustainability compass that assesses the status of corporate sustainability based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals, global sustainability goals set by the UN General Assembly in 2015). The 17 SDGs are internationally recognised and set out in the German Sustainability Strategy as the basis for measuring sustainability in Germany. The 17 goals are applicable globally, nationally, regionally and also at company level.

B.A.U.M. uses CheckN in the company to query the 17 SDGs together with relevant company representatives with regard to relevance and implementation status in the company. Interfaces to certifiable sustainability approaches (DNK, GWÖ, GRI …) are also shown. The result is a simple SDG evaluation with recommendations for action, which are presented in a report. Concrete action derivations in the relevant SDGs are also part of the advisory scope. In addition, a certificate will be issued on the status of the implementation of the SDGs in your company.

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