10. September 2020

Workshop series on environmental protection: start of the ÖKOPROFIT® project

On September 10, 2020, the district of Lippe launched the ÖKOPROFIT® project in the region for the second time. Ten companies from the region are being supported in their corporate environmental protection efforts.

The aim is to develop and implement measures within one year to increase resource efficiency and reduce costs.

Kick-off event in September at the IHK Lippe in Detmold. In the picture: The ÖKOPROFIT participants, District Administrator Axel Lehmann, project participants from the district of Lippe and some of the project partners (such as from the EnergyAgency NRW).

Our motivation to participate in the ÖKOPROFIT® project is that we have been dealing with the topic of sustainability for many years and want to consistently continue on the path towards becoming a “sustainable agency”.

Here we have already implemented a number of things such as: Conversion to e-cars, green electricity charging station at the company building, climate-neutral web hosting for all customer projects, climate-neutral production of print products, conversion of the team breakfast to vegetarian/bio, support of various projects such as “Plant for the Planet” and much more, such as green electricity tariff, cargo bike for inner-city trips, CO2 compensation for business trips, etc. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Within the framework of ÖKOPROFIT® we will work out many other topics concerning energy, environment, waste and water in different workshops and implement them in the agency.

We believe that today every company is responsible for counteracting climate change by effectively changing the relevant adjusting screws and hope that participation in the ÖKOPROFIT® program will provide new impetus.

More information and all other participants can be found here.

For the implementation of the project, the district of Lippe has numerous supporters on its side. In the form of a steering committee, these experts support ÖKOPROFIT® in the district of Lippe
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