Google My Business Workshop

Want to learn how to professionally design and manage your company’s Google My Business presence? Or you would like to deepen existing knowledge in order to be able to use Google’s free tool effectively as a marketing instrument? Your online marketing agency Kaeding Anderson offers Google My Business workshops at our location in Lemgo or at your company.

The workshop includes a technical lecture including practical examples.

In our workshop you will learn not only basic and advanced knowledge on how to best use Google My Business, but also what Local SEO is and how the tool contributes to successful Local SEO. After the workshop, you will know what is important in optimizing the Google My Business listing and what you need to pay attention to in order to increase the regional visibility of your business.


Contents of the workshop

  • What is Google My Business?
  • What are the advantages of Google My Business?
  • What is Local SEO and what role does Google My Business play in it?
  • How to set up Google My Business and use it effectively?
  • Tips to get more reviews from customers.
  • Dealing with negative ratings and reviews on Google My Business.

Who is the Google My Business workshop aimed at?

Company owners, managing directors and branch managers, marketing managers, self-employed and freelancers, employees in companies of all sizes. No previous knowledge is required.

How long does the workshop last?

As a rule, the Google My Business workshop lasts about 1-2 hours incl. a question and answer time.

Where does the Google My Business workshop take place?

The workshop takes place at our agency in Lemgo or as an online meeting.
Alternatively, a workshop at your premises is of course also possible.

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