Today, a professional presence on social media platforms is essential for (new) customer acquisition and promotion of your services and products. Here, too, the magic word is “content is king”: the quality and target-group-specific address in words and visual presentation are decisive for the success of a channel or a complete social media campaign.

High-quality content offers real added value to prospects and customers, building long-term trust, relationships and customer loyalty. The numbers speak for themselves: compared to other marketing channels, social media marketing achieves an eight times higher conversion rate! We ensure the efficient distribution of your content and messages in order to build up an active, profitable fan community in the long term. Depending on the results, goals and budget, we decide together on the further procedure, all actions and necessary measures.

Analysis – Creation – Implementation.

Through our Create Plan Scale method, together we can narrow down and clearly define your target groups. We research on which social media channels your target group primarily spends time and with what kind of content we can convince and shine there. Through case studies and a great deal of experience in a wide range of industries, we know how you can also use these channels effectively for your company.

Clear objectives make the success of a campaign measurable, and we have the right parameters ready for each of your goals: increasing awareness, traffic on the homepage or landing pages, sales in online shops, contact, appointment bookings, online registrations, app downloads and much more.

Relevant social media channels


Together with our content team, we create a memorable image for your product. Look forward to the tips & tricks of the Instagram world, which we will gladly take you into.


Yes! Facebook still exists, and it is still one of the most important basic channels for successful social media marketing. To this end, we develop a concrete editorial plan for your company, among other things, and use ads in a very targeted manner so that you can easily achieve your personal goal. Here, too, you have the choice as to which of your goals your Facebook activities should pay off: Event advertising, web shop sales, app downloads – you set the limits!


We place your video content on all relevant channels – use Youtube as another communication channel!

Xing (B2B and Recruiting)

Use and expand your business network here. In addition to presenting your company and all its employees, you can advertise events, recruit participants and much more.

LinkedIn (B2B and Recruiting)

LinkedIn (B2B and Recruiting) We will show you which theme worlds are in good hands here and how to place them effectively.

Performance Marketing: How to turn users into fans!

Used correctly, social media platforms are more than just practical tools of the digital age. First and foremost, they can generate significantly more attention for your company, brand or product. Each social media channel has different and specific advertising options, each of which can be individually adapted to your target group. Compared to classic campaigns, you also benefit from significantly lower costs with considerably higher reach. A healthy mix of classic and social media measures is the ideal set-up for the success of your campaign, especially as social media are the absolute number 1 for more and more users in terms of information gathering and buying inspiration.


Through constant analysis and evaluation of your campaign, we always maintain an overview: Are the chosen measures effective? Does a budget adjustment have to be made? What can be optimised? This is how we make your success measurable.


Through interaction with users, the path to the purchase decision can be shortened considerably – the involvement is shorter. We take care of the community building and, if desired, also look after the communication with the users.


A target group-specific approach? No problem! Almost anything is possible, from the classic classification by gender, age and region to personal interests.

Nobody is perfect!

A social media campaign is never perfect. Budget adjustment, target group utilisation or content of the ad – there are countless parameters that can have a great influence on the success of an advertising campaign. Through constant monitoring of the campaigns, we don’t miss a thing, and through continuous support, we make your campaign really big!

I see what you don’t: Facebook Pixel

Intelligent tracking methods make the success of an activity or ad measurable: the Facebook pixel gives a detailed insight into the visitor behaviour of the linked homepage. Not only click numbers, but also defined conversions become visible and thus measurable. For example, you can see how many users have called your company, written an email or sent an enquiry via the link of an advertisement. This information is enriched at Facebook with the data stored there and thus results in a detailed interest-related picture of the “Custom Audience”.

Interest Audiences: The target group is defined manually (age, place of residence, gender, interests, etc.)

Custom Audiences: By installing the Facebook pixel on the website, the visitor is recognised by Facebook and can be used as a target. If available, businesses can upload customer data to Facebook and, using the email address

Lookalike Audiences: Facebook uses the Custom Audience, analyses it, recognises correlations and scales it to a Lookalike Audience.

With the help of the pixel and the audiences derived from it, advertisements can be placed better and more precisely in the future. Better retargeting opportunities are created, and even across devices!

Questions about social media? We help!

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