Climate Neutral Hosting

Our hosting partner domainfactory relies on climate-neutral hosting.
You can find out exactly what that means here.

A study conducted by the climate consulting company ClimatePartner determined the CO2 emissions generated by the provider’s hosting services in one year. In addition to the electricity consumption of the servers, for example, the employees’ journeys to the company location and the CO2 emissions of the heating were also added to this study.

In this context, climate-neutral hosting means that an attempt is made to save the CO emissions that are produced elsewhere. Our hosting partner neutralises the environmental impact by purchasing ecologically valuable emission reduction certificates for a wind power project operated in India. This wind farm operates in accordance with the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Thus, the environmental impact caused by servers etc. is compensated by feeding green electricity into the power grid.

All Kaeding Anderson customers whose websites are hosted on these carbon neutral servers are identified by our “Carbon Neutral Hosting” label.


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