UX/UI Design

Professional web design & clever user guidance: “You have reached your goal!”

Websites have to do more than just look good – they have to work. And this both with regard to essential properties such as navigation and displayability on different devices, as well as with a view to defined conversion goals.

UX/UI as part of the brand concept

Corporate design development, strategic brand building and the transfer of graphic and content orientation to digital applications such as websites and apps are seamless with us. Conceptual designers and UX/UI designers work as a team and always in close contact with the clients, e.g. to fix individual website components as granularly as possible.

With prototypes to a tangible web experience

While a few years ago web layouts were designed in the classic 960 pixel grid based on Photoshop, we now use Adobe XD, a prototyping tool for digital applications with an integrated review workflow. We develop complex web and app layouts, show the presentation based on typical device classes (smartphone, tablet, notebook and large desktop displays) and can make the subsequent user experience immediately tangible in part through hover effects, scrolling behaviour and fixed elements.

Review workflow and optimisation of correction loops

The presentation of the screen designs can take place in person or digitally in small or large groups. In any case, the prototypes can be easily distributed to the decision-makers via a link (with password protection if desired) and viewed and evaluated directly in the browser – i.e. in the real environment. In addition, individual modules and elements can be marked and provided with comments. These are sent directly to our designers and taken into account in the further process. This is how we approach the blueprint forweb development step by step.

Call-to-action elements: from user to customer

Call-to-actions – buttons and action elements that are supposed to lead the user to certain goals – are essential in today’s UX/UI design. Every website has a certain goal, even if it is, for example, simply to make contact by phone. Other goals include the purchase of goods or (digital) services, targeted enquiries as well as the generation of leads (newsletter subscription, info pack order, etc.).

Button elements should have a clearly recognisable value. This means that simple navigation buttons (such as “learn more”) must be visually distinct from essential conversion goals such as “add to cart”.

Screen design as an integral part of the web strategy

We help you to unite the various disciplines of content, user guidance, conversion goals and SEO with your digital application and to positively influence them in the long term through constantly optimised processes.

Questions about UX/UI Design? We help!

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UX/UI Design

Websites have to do more than just look good - they have to work. And this both in terms of navigation and target plans.

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