Compositing, Motion Graphic, 3D Artwork

To ensure that nothing disturbs or detracts from the message when watching a film, a lot of work goes into fine-tuning. It’s not always about the inclusion of special effects, but an overall focus on polish and detail.

The logo on a jacket has to be removed, the hair or face of a protagonist has to be colour-matched, the number plate of a vehicle has to be changed? No problem, because the so-called “compositing” takes place parallel to the film editing. In doing so, we work “in time”: instead of just one shot, 25 images per second are processed. In addition, each film is supplemented by introductory and end sequences – so-called intros and outros – which are conceived separately beforehand.

Digital film worlds

If the audiovisual design of moving images is not done with the help of a camera, but completely digitally through typography and graphic design, we speak of motion graphic or motion design. Explanatory films, logo animations or slideshows are typical examples of use. If more elaborate 3D animations are desired, for example for logos, building floor plans or products: Our 3D artist creates unique worlds in which you direct.

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