01. July 2021

sagner-heinze is now Kaeding Anderson

On 01.07.2021 at 15.00 the live event took place at which sagner-heinze became Kaeding Anderson. You missed the event?

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25 years! Confetti!

Last year was a very special year for us: we were able to look back on 25 years of company history. We are proud and grateful to have experienced this time with you and yours!
Unfortunately, we had to do without an anniversary party in this year of the pandemic. Nevertheless, we wanted to use the occasion to review what we have achieved and to take a look into the future.
After all, a lot has happened in 25 years – society, communication and media have changed radically. sagner-heinze has also changed: We have developed new products and digital business fields that now define our self-image.

Our future workshop invents the agency of tomorrow.

We created the space for an experiment: a future workshop. Within this framework, we wanted to rethink the agency – as a laboratory of ideas for the communication of the future. We have given this process an obvious name: The patronymics of the founders Sagner and Heinze became the birth names of the mothers – Kaeding and Anderson. So far, so pragmatic.

Von Vätern zu Müttern.

One year later, the results of this experiment are now on the table. And it was immediately clear to all of us: this is how it has to be! This way and no other!
In the course of the process, the project name has also become a significant part of the change and has developed its very own brand dynamic. In short, we decided to take a bold step.

sagner-heinze becomes
Kaeding Anderson.

Let’s press the start button together and make a celebratory toast: On 1 July at 3 p.m., we want to ring in a new era in the company’s history together with you! In view of the pandemic situation, we are planning a digital event: a video livestream here on kaeding-anderson.de, to which we cordially invite you.

Looking forward to the new start and many more years to come

Your team from Kaeding Anderson
, formerly known as sagner-heinze 🙂

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