16. February 2022

Proud member of BNW – Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft

After joining the Lippe Climate Pact and participating in the EcoProfit Programme in 2021, we joined the BNW at the beginning of this year. Since its founding in the 1990s, the Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V. has stood for sustainable business and facilitated the networking of like-minded business enterprises.

With now more than 500 members and more than 80,000 jobs, the association is a weighty voice for a sustainable, climate-friendly economy. To this end, the BNW exerts political influence across party lines. The strong network represents companies from all sectors, with well-known companies such as HiPP, Vaillant and GLS Bank among its members. Together, all members are pulling in the same direction – to promote ecologically oriented business and social responsibility of all companies.

For us, joining is a consistent further step on our way to becoming a “sustainable agency”. As a member of the BNW, we look forward to new impulses and networking with fellow climate campaigners.

Sustainable work is a matter close to Kaeding Anderson’s heart. For many years, measures for resource-saving management have been implemented step by step. The entire team lives this spirit – from the anchoring of its own sustainability code to certified climate neutrality.

This has created a wealth of experience and a network that is increasingly being used to develop and communicate clients’ sustainability strategies.

Good examples are important to inspire more and more companies to take climate protection measures. We all have a long road of change ahead of us – let’s walk it together and tackle it together!

“We help our clients to develop concrete sustainability strategies and to communicate them visibly to the outside world.
Good examples are important to inspire more and more companies to take climate protection measures. As a member of the BNW, we look forward to many new impulses and networking with fellow climate campaigners.”

Tobias Heinze, Managing Director Kaeding Anderson
Agency for design and communication

The objectives of the BNW at a glance:

  • Ecologically oriented management and corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate social creativity for tomorrow’s competitiveness
  • Promotion of a regional, small and medium-sized business-oriented economic structure
  • Impulses for an environmentally oriented policy of subsidies, taxes and levies
  • Ecologically oriented procurement and investment policy


With heart and mind, competence and credibility, the BNW sets the pace in public and politics for the ecological and social transformation of the economy. The members drive solutions and concepts for a future-oriented economy through pioneering spirit, diversity and lively exchange.

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