05. March 2020

Online recruiting: employee search on the Internet and how to get good personnel

Many companies today are faced with the question of how they can best obtain good and capable personnel. Due to the nationwide shortage of skilled workers, companies have to come up with something and compete for good employees themselves.

Classicrecruiting measures such as job advertisements in daily newspapers are no longer sufficient. If you want to strengthen and grow your company, you need a clever HR concept to convince potential employees of your possibilities as an employer. The online sector now plays a very large role here. So your own homepage needs an attractive career section.

Job ads as PDFs are no longer enough

Until now, many companies were satisfied with a short subpage on the topic of “job advertisements”, which contained a simple list of current jobs – often even simply as a PDF link list. That is no longer enough today. The fact alone that the display of a PDF in the mobile area is not optimal and the texts may appear significantly too small are reasons enough to invest in a career section on your own homepage.

Building a career site

What modules does a career site need? In order to answer the question, one must first consider the paths taken by a prospect who is looking for a job:

  • Google Search
  • Job portals such as monster.de and stepstone.de
  • Websites of well-known companies

So the customer journey, if you will, often starts in Google search for most job seekers. Therefore, it is even more important that the SEO area is taken into account from the outset. It therefore makes sense to create a separate detailed page for each job offer and to present the offers attractively in an overview. Depending on the scope of the jobs offered, filter optionsmake sense; for example, you could filter by full-time/part-time, locations, or type of job.

Career site with job offers based on WordPress
Practical example: A foundation is looking for new employees this way.

Advantage communication and benefits for employees

Highlight the advantages of your business. What special features do you offer your employees? Typical benefits include:

  • above-tariff earning opportunities
  • Assumption of Kita fees
  • non-cash benefits
  • Special leave
  • Company car
  • Flexible working hours / flexitime
  • Home Office
  • Further training opportunities
  • Fresh fruit, drinks, etc.

These advantages must immediately catch the eye of prospective customers. These are things that distinguish one’s own company from the competition. Here, work must also be done on the graphic level to visualize the advantages, e.g. with suitable icons.

Job ads with structured data for the search engine

Job ads with struTo ensure that search engines such as Google can optimally capture the job ads and output them in tabular form within the search engine results based on the searcher’s region, the job’s detail page should be supplemented with “structured data”.ctured data for the search engine. These are defined in the schema.org standard and require either the use of JSON-LD as a technical basis or the enrichment of the website content with so-called “microdata”, which does not necessarily have to be visible to the visitor. We as an agency offer appropriate solutions here for WordPress systems.

The following is an HTML example for machine-readable data:

Mechatroniker (m/w/d)




This is how Google displays regional job offers in search:

Jobs in Google Jobs Search

Video content with testimonials

Video content also works well in conjunction with job ads. This is a great way for employees to put in a good word for your company or clear up prejudices in your industry. Here, for example, we designed and implemented a clip for the Kreissenioreneinrichtungen Lippe:

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