23. November 2021

Energy turnaround on site: We joined the environmental initiative Lemgo / Lippe eG

We want to support this great new project and joined the cooperative in November. We want to help drive the expansion of renewable energies here on site in Lippe. It is also important to increase the acceptance of wind turbines and photovoltaic plants among the population and that sufficient capital is available for the construction of plants.

Actively shaping the energy transition in our region with concrete projects and taking it into our own hands – with this goal, a new initiative was founded in May 2021.

General Assembly of the Environmental Initiative Lemgo/Lippe eG at the Innovation Center Wendlinghausen

How does it work and how can you support the initiative?
With a monetary contribution, you become a voting member as a company or private individual and can actively contribute and help shape the company. You can thus invest money in local projects and also benefit from the return on investment.

Through direct financial participation and co-determination in all future projects, acceptance will certainly be greater than in the case of projects by external investors (e.g. wind turbines). We think that is worth supporting!

In addition, the people of Lemgo and Lippe can achieve more together and bring their ideas and contacts together to thus be able to implement as many projects as possible locally in our region. The rapid energy transition can only succeed if much more is invested in decentralised energy supply than has been the case to date.

In the long term, the UIL cooperative could even act as an electricity provider and offer the energy from its own plants directly to the respective connected households and companies. So produce electricity locally and consume it directly – the more local, the better.

The more people are involved, participate and invest, the better – whether it’s 250 euros as a minimum amount for a share or as a major investor. The energy turnaround as a citizens’ project: Pass the word on, we can certainly win many more comrades-in-arms!

On the website you can register directly and become a member:

Further information on the “Umweltinitiative Lemgo / Lippe eG” is available below:

Responsibility and active participation

Climate change is a reality, also here in Lippe. A look at the domestic forests reveals the consequences of global warming. It is time to act, and fortunately more and more people are becoming aware of this.

It is not only the politicians who must now set the right course. Everyone can and should make a contribution to climate protection. In addition to measures in the transport and building sectors, the construction of wind and solar plants to generate energy is at the forefront.

Wind turbines and photovoltaic plants need the acceptance of the population and the provision of capital. Local energy cooperatives are an important component of the energy transition. This is because it involves the citizens – in the choice of location, the planning and, last but not least, in the profits. Such a cooperative has recently been founded for the Lippe region on the initiative of Dieter Attig, Arne Brand and Wolfgang Stückemann – the Environmental Initiative Lemgo/Lippe UIL.

With a contribution of 250 euros, you contribute to the expansion of ecologically sustainable energy production and become a member of UIL. Higher participations are possible and welcome, but regardless of the amount of participation, each member has only one vote.

The aim is to erect and operate as many photovoltaic and wind energy plants as possible in the Lemgo area and its surroundings, and to give the cooperative members a share of the profits. In times of negative interest rates and an unmanageable abundance of financial investment options, we offer you a sustainable and, above all, verifiable option here.

The goal: more renewable energy production in Lemgo and Lippe. To this end, we invest together in concrete projects on the ground.

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